Photographing children can be one of the most challenging but most rewarding experiences.  I LOVE children…not just my own but all children.  There is something special about seeing the world through an innocent child’s eyes.  There is no prejudice or hate.  Those are learned behaviors over the years, I believe.  Watching a child interact with a parent or grandparent with nothing but pure love and pure trust in their eyes is so beautiful to me.

Today’s blog features my grandson and his beautiful momma (and maybe a picture of myself thrown in there as well).  These two were my first ever clients that I photographed when I finally broke down and bought my first camera.  I love photographing them both not only because I love them to pieces, but also because they are just gorgeous, as you can tell!  Also, I can’t get enough of watching the two of them together.  He adores her as does she him.  He is definitely a momma’s boy, and over the past week I have gotten to watch him be the most courageous two-year-old there ever was after an injury that now involves a cast up his leg from ankle to hip, and I’ve gotten to watch her have so much patience as she takes care of him.  What a beautiful sight from them both and one that makes this JiJi so proud!

I would love to capture some photos of you and your special little one either for a gift for grandparents or even for your spouse.  They will be photos you look back on when they are grown and gone that you will be glad you had them done.